What Makes For A Perfect Sport?


What Makes For A Perfect Sport?

What exactly is Sports Medicine? It is a branch of medicine dedicated to treating athletes, sportsmen, and those persons who engage in contact sports such as athletics, skiing, motor-bike racing, etc. Sports Medicine deals with injuries, disorders and injuries related to sports and exercise. In case your son or daughter is injured while playing, participating in a sports activity, or doing some sort of recreational physical activity, you might be advised to visit a sports medicine doctor for treatment. Sports medicine isn’t actually a medical specialty by itself; rather, it is a name given to a group of physicians and health care professionals who treat athletes, sportsmen and women of all ages.

The field of sports medicine covers many aspects of sports, including but not limited to: orthopedics, physiology, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychology, physiotherapy, athletic training and rehabilitation. Each of these branches of medicine has its own specific area of specialization. For example, an orthopedist would be specialized in treating and diagnosing injuries suffered by athletes and sportsmen. A physiologist, on the other hand, specializes in assessing and monitoring physiological conditions of athletes and sportsmen. A psychologist handles the emotional and mental aspects of sportspeople, while a pediatrician and a geriatrician will deal with physical fitness and the aging process of athletes.

Children participate in various sports from a very young age. At an early age, they are engaged in playing baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and other games. From childhood to adolescence, children engage in participating in competitive sports activities such as track and field, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, soccer and track and field. A substantial number of children continue to participate in competitive sporting activities even when they turn professional athletes. It is in such competitive sports that the term Sports Medicine comes into play, since this is where one gets trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any injury or condition suffered by an athlete during the course of his participation in sports.

The word “sports” itself signifies the contact, movement, action or performance of an individual body part in the presence of others. In the United States, the term “sport” comes from the noun “sport” itself and can also mean “any game played for sport.” Most sports refer to a particular activity. One can define any given sport as being a game in which two or more people take part in an event; where the participants are of a certain physical and mental capacity; where skill and physical endurance are tested to the limit; and where victory takes place through the application of natural or human techniques or methods. Professional sports involve teams, individuals, institutions or communities and are controlled by governing bodies and organizations. In the north America, professional sports leagues have developed which bring together sports professionals and the public through a particular sport.

The international sports Federation ensures fair competition, regulation and development of the games. The association manages the rules that govern the competitions and makes sure that teams respect them. A well run and smooth competition is important for the integrity of the game and to avoid disqualification. All games are monitored and every precaution taken to ensure fair play by eliminating cheating and other unfair practices.

It is in fact, through competition and hard work that any person or team attains the status of being called up into a team. It is the pride and passion of any player or participant, which is why they practice and train religiously to achieve the best results and improve their overall game. They strive to excel in their chosen field and go all out to win the game. Sports should not be about the players but rather about the team and how each player contributes to the success of the team. In any game, no matter what the rules and regulations are, if the players love the game and are dedicated and focused towards their objective then the game would surely be played in an even and fair manner. As such, I believe that the overall concept behind sports should be a competitive one, where the winner deserves it and the losers should leave with a feeling of humility and respect.