The Importance of Sportsmanship

There are many sports that can be classified under the heading of recreational or sports. Sports are competitive, physically demanding physical activities and exercises. All sports are theoretically competitive. This is perhaps the main difference between recreational or leisure, and sports.

Association football, American football, Australian rules foot-ball, American football, rugby, tennis, hockey, golf, motor-car racing, basketball, cricket, softball, Australian rules soccer, American football, horse-riding, snooker, American football, American soccer, tennis, motor-bike riding, basketball, baseball, softball, Australian rules rugby, ice hockey, horse-riding and karate. These are only a few types of organized sports. The other sports which are recognized internationally are badminton, beach volleyball, basketball, badminton, baseball, softball, table tennis, basketball and badminton.

Sport involves the use of the body and involves mental as well as physical elements, and so it is also called mind sports. Sports which are organized and regulated by governments are known as organized sports. Olympic sports are the most famous example of mind sports.

Sporting activities involve competitive athletic action such as playing games, walking, running, cycling, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, diving, gymnastics, tennis, golf, bowling, rugby, tennis, netball, badminton, baseball, badminton, softball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, surfing, skiing, and horseback riding. Certain games such as badminton, tennis, swimming, sailing and badminton have become very popular all over the world. Bowling has become extremely popular in America. Badminton is played with a set of pins. A popular game in America is bridge. Billiards and badminton are very popular in Europe.

The physiological and mental aspects of each sport have an important role to play in a person’s overall health and so each segment of society requires certain types of recreational sports to keep them active and fit. The Department of Sports Medicine at Michigan State University has set up a section dedicated to studying and publishing research on the physiological aspect of sports. This section needs to continue to research and find better ways of improving the health and well being of the athletes and sports enthusiasts. Some diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and strokes are more prevalent in certain groups of people. The physiological and mental aspects of the sports need to be integrated with each other for the best results.

Sportsmanship means respecting the opponent, playing fair, and abiding by the rules and regulations. This attitude has a significant place in ensuring that the sport attracts a large audience and continues to be enjoyed by those who are interested in it. Sportsmanship should be inculcated into young minds at a young age so that they grow up healthy and physically strong. A healthy mind leads to a physically fit body. It is not possible to exercise and train hard without having the right attitude. The people who win in sportsmanship games treat the game as a challenge and love the competition, while the losers feel sorry for themselves.