Improve Your Media Literacy By Learning About Fake News Stories


Improve Your Media Literacy By Learning About Fake News Stories

The News of the World Service was a British newspaper that covered world events from all over the world. The newspaper was founded by Stafford Hegges in 1843. The students ran and shouted around the field as they participated in the games. The news of the Attacks quickly spread through the city and the students cheer and ran for the fences as they ran around with their flowers.

In the News of the World Service, they report that President Cuomo of Italy visited Argentina, and the Press made note of the trip stating that he had to cancel a trip to Mexico due to the terrorist attacks. Later in the article the reporter states; “It is reported that President Cuomo of Italy has been evacuated to safety after two explosions were discovered near his car at the airport here.” It should be noted that the News of the World Service did not state that the explosions were caused by a bomb or that the President was evacuated from the vehicle. Therefore, the statement is false.

A second false news story was also published that was linked to the News of the World Service; it was reported that Ahmed Hassoun, the leader of the Al Qaeda group in Syria, was captured alive. This news was published on the Press’ website without providing any further details. Many people reported that they saw Ahmed Hassoun being captured alive. Although it is very unlikely that Ahmed Hassoun was ever captured alive, the Press has not issued a retraction on the false information. Many people reported that the information came from the News of the World Service.

The word “coup” has been used a lot today in the United States and Canada. Many people have used the word to describe the situation in the Dominican Republic where the elected president was removed from office. In this instance, “coup” would be a more appropriate term. “Coup d’etat” would be more understandable given the context. “Coup” is generally accepted as an inflammatory term when applied to political situations where there are strong public opinions. In this instance, the “coup” would be more appropriate.

There was another false information report. The news story indicated that 1.6 million people in the Dominican Republic will be evicted from their homes as part of an upcoming government program. This program is part of President Obama’s stimulus plan. The article indicates that this is the largest single evacuation since the inception of the Great Depression. This would place the event in the second category on our media literacy scale, second only to the Korean War.

To conclude, it is important to note that there is a difference between real news and false information. The Press often need to provide sourcing for stories, and there are instances where sources are clearly identified but their credibility is called into question. When this happens, it is up to the reader/viewer to determine what is true and what is false. By firmly committing to using discernment, you can improve your media literacy level and enjoy a better understanding of this interesting genre.