How to Become Newsworthy

When a newspaper writes about something they should probably know more about it, because they are the ones covering it. The articles in newspapers are called news items. News is what someone somewhere wants to bury; all other news is promotion. (Otto von Salomon, German writer, quoted as saying, “A writer must be careful what he writes because people will pay for it and they will kill you if you write something foolish.) A writer who thinks about what he writes should know that he may face the consequences of what he writes.

There are two schools of journalists, the first class being the generalist and second class being the specialist. A generalist makes general news, which could include anything from politics to sport; and then there are specialists like news managers who cover a certain region or time period under specific topics. A journalist specializing in a certain field makes human interest news and then submits this for publication in a newspaper under that heading. A journalist working in a news magazine has to be knowledgeable in his or her subject matter and at least understand the importance of local news.

In some ways it is easier to become newsworthy than to be newsworthy. Local news items that make the front page of the newspaper carry the highest weight of importance with the readers and editors of the newspaper. These items have to contain significant information that is relevant to the reader and have been written in an interesting and well-written manner. All news items must meet a certain set of standards set down by the Society of Journalists, who oversee the quality of the news stories.

If you want your news story to become newsworthy, you have to pitch it properly. You do not just write something and post it for the sake of having a web site or sending out e-mails. You must research your subject matter deeply and then present it in the best possible way. Without doing so, your article will lose its credibility and the readers will forget about it after a short period. Presenting a poorly presented article will not get you very far.

You can present your researched and written news stories in a number of ways to get it noticed and recognized among the many other news stories already available in the market. One way would be to write and submit an article to a news letter service, which will provide you with a good return on your investment and allow you to spread your idea further. Another way is to write and submit an article to online magazines that cater specifically to the field you are interested in covering.

There are three ways in which your idea can become newsworthy. The first way is to become newsworthy by accident. Things happen without us even noticing them, and in one case this occurred when someone noticed that you wrote something interesting about the general public and posted it in your blog. The second way is to get news from a third party source such as a government agency or a major news agency like CNN. The last way to make your idea become newsworthy is to make a newsworthy statement and post it in an article that other people read and comment on.