Everything You Need To Know About News

News is an unpublished account of human activity, and thus, news is the first necessary requirement of writing. No newspaper, magazine, or book can be called news until it has been formally published. The first basic requirement of news, therefore, is that no unrecorded story of interest to the public should have been previously published elsewhere. The second requirement is to ensure that your news story accurately reflects the facts as you know them at that moment. Lastly, your news story must meet your community’s expectations regarding accuracy and impartiality.

News, in the broadest sense, covers anything related to human life that is published or reported. News is therefore subject to several specific definitions. One of the most common definitions in use today is that of “a general statement of events and conditions.” News in the narrower sense is further subcategorized as “news that reflects or reviews publicly available information.”

In context, this means that news related to local, state, national, and global happenings is considered newsworthy. The fourth requirement, in which the newspaper or magazine carries the widest distribution, also falls under the broader meaning of news. News is therefore an “opinion” or “t Opinion” as the British term would put it. This means that what you read or hear is not necessarily true. So, while reporting an event as happening in Connecticut, while technically true, could conceivably be taken as “rumor” by those unfamiliar with the event.

The word “news” as used in connection with entertainment, like in movies, means a product or performance up to some extent. Entertainment news, for instance, would cover movies released within a week of each other. You would not hear the term “whitewash” applied to a movie released a month after the former. “Whitewash” is therefore a highly subjective term, depending on how it is used.

“News” is generally thought of as a published article, and thus it is often in print, but often not until some time has passed. It can therefore be considered an antedating product. “Antedating” is used to mean producing something earlier than the same date. Therefore, the term “antedating journalism” would be used to describe a new form of media produced some years before newspapers started publishing regularly.

The term “news” can be antedating in two different senses, in both senses it can refer to published or unsubbed news. The Gilgamesh is to be found at the root of all problems and events in modern society. Because the Gilgamesh cannot be antedated, it must be considered a past event, therefore the present is already an antedating event.