An Introduction to Non-Physical Sports

Sports are organized competitive games and physical activities. These satisfy the need for physical fitness, play and competition amongst human beings. This is the major difference between recreational, social play and sports. Sports, being competitive games require full attention to details, alertness, agility and mental toughness which are essential for survival.

Martial arts are a broad genre that includes various types of competitive sports that are organized competitions. They are the most popular of all sports. Martial arts involve physical skills such as kicking, punching, wrestling and submission holds. The skill to throw an opponent is one of the major aspects of this sport. Another aspect is the speed, strength and the use of dexterity and speed.

Agility and flexibility are essential for sports and this can be used in martial arts. The use of both feet and hands in sports is an important aspect. The major sport sports of India includes baseball, American football, basketball, cricket, golf, hockey, rugby, Australian rules soccer, motor racing, motor biking, pool and indoor games such as snooker, tennis, billiards and cue ball. The games played by humans on this planet include boxing, fencing, gymnastics, wrestling, rugby, skiing, surfing, sailing and snowboarding.

Physical skills required for these sports are quite different from the games played by animals. Animals do not have to wear any protective gear; they do not have to run speedily and swiftly and they do not have the advantage of using their dexterity and agility. But athletes in all sports have these advantages.

A wide variety of sports names have evolved over the years. Some of the popular ones include Auto-ception, Covered Roll, Fencing, Greco-Roman wrestling, Jumping, Javelin, Kick boxing, Lacrosse, Punching, Tug of War, Water Sports, and volleyball. There has been much creativity and innovation in the instruments, equipment and tactics used in different sports. Some of the popular sports names such as Tennis, Boxing, American football, Rugby, Badminton, Shooting and Table tennis have earned great fame around the globe.

In order to ensure fair competition across all countries, it is necessary that there be a proper and equally balanced system of scoring. The scoring is done through a computer that takes into consideration each player’s performance in each game, apart from their individual skills. Therefore, to ensure a level playing field, the computer is designed in such a way that it gives fairly similar results to the physical world. This enables all players across the world to compete fairly on an equal platform. To conclude, sports enable human beings to participate well and stay healthy by exercising both their minds and bodies at the same time.